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Podar Jumbo Kids Plus, preschool and daycare Bannerghatta Road was established in March 2006 with a vision of nurturing young minds in the right environment.
Podar Jumbo Kids,  preschool and day care Bannerghatta,  has been recognised and awarded by various institutions,  for our efforts in the all round development of children in our care; be it our daycare facility- Award for the Best Day care Teacher  for the year 2009-10 and our well trained and dedicated staff- Second prize for Best Practices at pre school in staff mentoring for the year 2012-13,  Best Preschool teacher award in year 2013-14, Best Preschool teacher award in the year 2014-15, Second place in Most Empowered Teacher category for the academic year 2015-16 and Second place as Most empowered Centre Manager 2015-16.
best ranked playschool bannerghatta road
Podar Jumbo Kids,  preschool and daycare Bannerghatta was awarded Fourth place as the Most Committed Franchisee of Podar Education Network  in the academic year 2013-14 and was recognised as the fourth best preschool in Bangalore by Education World in 2015-16.
We explore and develop holistic programs and environments for children that look after their well being, relationships, family and community thus helping each and every child grow with a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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Our efforts were recognised by the Early Childhood Association (ECA) in the year 2015-16, where Podar Jumbo Kids Bannerghatta was awarded second place for Best Practices at School (Inclusive Education).  
The campus has 1400 sqft of exclusive covered play area giving children ample space that is safe and all weather friendly. With over 8 rooms, children are  provided with opportunities for movement and variety during preschool and the day care. Equipped with a hygienic kitchen, children are served wholesome food thrice a day.
Our goal is to provide a "stress free learning environment" which is the right of every child.  
Best daycare in bannerghatta road
Centre Director's Profile - Ms.  Preethi Vickram
Ms.  Preethi has a degree in psychology and a masters degree in business administration, specialising in HR and Marketing and is the Head of Bangalore Chapter, Early Childhood Association.
She has presented her paper at the NAEYC Conference 2014 in Dallas, TX about Humour in Early Childhood.

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Ms. Preethi is certified trainer for DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practices) and help schools understand and implement the same through teacher training and curriculum enrichment programs.  As an advocate of child rights, she conducts many training sessions and workshops of which the most requested  topics are Excellence in teaching, Discipline or guidance, Different philosophies of Early Childhood Education, Reading and Writing readiness activities.
She helps schools to develop parent partnership programs that helps improve and sustain child's performance and undertakes projects as a curriculum advisor to schools in order to ensure the alignment of the school's vision with the curriculum and its facilitation.
Ms. Preethi has been in the field of early childhood for the past decade and has gained insight into the various aspects of teaching at different Podar institutions including preschool and daycare. She has been instrumental in managing and upholding the evidence of quality of Podar educational institutions, Karnataka, with over 50 franchised centers under her. She is also the trainer for Podar Institute of Education, which offers a diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education.
Apart from this,  Ms. Preethi is also a serial entrepreneur with many ventures under her belt. The latest is the first franchised outlet of Spellbound Bookstore in Bangalore. A bookstore that is renowned for its collection of interactive books, books that stimulate critical thinking, and many more.
best ranked preschool in bannerghatta road
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